Elizabeth Noel Donovan

A C T R E S S  A N D  W R I T E R

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Elizabeth Noel Donovan, a California native, started her career in front of the camera as a print, runway, and fitness model. Her background as an athlete and fitness trainer made her a natural for commercials and television hosting. Elizabeth's love for acting has motivated her to study with many of the top acting coaches in Los Angeles. Some of the acting methods she has studied are Shakespeare with author Patsy Rodenburg and scene study with Howard Fine. Elizabeth currently studies at Larry Moss Studios in Larry Moss's Master Class.


As a writer, Elizabeth has allowed her creativity and passion for acting to shine through her work. One of her most recent accomplishments is a two-act play, "Farewell to Alligators," with co-author Milania Austin Henley.  In addition, she collaborated with screenwriter Eddie Jesse Hegal,  completing the screenplay  "Roberto's Dream" .  Elizabeth’s two One Act plays, "Thanks for Coming" and "Thanks for Waiting” were produced and had a successful run at The Complex Hollywood theatre.  She also starred in both plays.  Elizabeth's resume can be accessed at LA Casting.  Elizabeth Noel Donovan is riding on the wings of her ambition, and wherever those wings take her she is ready to fly!